At Inner Space Africa, we consider ourselves as being an integral yet unseen part of your company, whose sole aim is to ensure your success.  In line with our slogan "Making Ideas Work", we creatively work with our clients to offer the following array of services:

Value Added Services

Fortunately for us at Inner Space Africa, we have come to the realization that clients' needs may not necessarily fall under our core business and because of this we are well equipped to offer them additional flexible services without a struggle. 
We have a list of value added services we offer as additional services to our clients whenever required such as:
  • Creating Marketing Strategies
  • Creating Business Strategies
  • Planning, Managing, Executing and Monitoring Advertising Campaigns
  • Conducting Consumer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Conducting Employee Satisfaction surveys
  • Offering Recruitment Services
  • ..... among others.

Whichever service we offer you, we just don't end there; we go the extra mile to give you great value for your money.