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Events management in Kenya is an industry that has been practiced for as long as events have been there. This is since time in memorial. And further, it has been accentuated by the fact that many corporate are doing events where they tap a lot of business amid other forms of related gains. Events in Kenya have always been for those who want to have some time out, relax and have some fun but as a matter of fact, corporate, institutions and organizations are taking up events as part of their daily practices.

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A lot of times this industry of events management in Tanzania has been taken for granted or simply been left for entertainment gurus only. Many people have always thought in order for one to be the best in events management you only need to be a celebrity or a public figure in Tanzania. But the answer is no. Any one can be good and not only good but exceptional in events management, so long as you have all it takes to be there.

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In Tanzania, there are many companies and organizations that every day want to know how to go about brand management of their products and services or simply the branding process of their businesses or company names. It is not a simple process that one as a CEO or a business leader can wake up to find up and running but there are a lot of investment processes that have to be accounted for.

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A while back in the streets of Washington DC, there was a young Arabian man just strolling along the street, seemingly enjoying the cold weather. He was 5 ' 7 inches tall, dressed in a white 'kanzu'; had an oversized black coat on and had a white turban on his head. Looking at him closely, you notice he was fair skinned with dark and dense eyebrows complimented by a long beard that actually covered half of his face; this combination made him look older than he really was. 

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If you were to ask me, I think the most challenging job is that of a Brand Manager. Why do I say this? Because this person is responsible for ensuring the brand (s)he is dealing with has the right image at all times; even when it misbehaves. It is their responsibility to ensure that even when the image is at the greatest risk of being tarnished, the brand still stands out. Just to show you what I mean, when I mention Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, what company comes to your mind? And why did BP come to your mind?

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Question: Who is a leader?

Answer: A leader is a person who guides others toward a common goal, showing the way by example, and creating an environment in which other team members feel actively involved in the entire process. A leader is not the boss of the team but, instead, the person that is committed to carrying out the mission of the Venture.